Intelligent Visual Monitoring

Intelligent visual monitoring software developed by Diversis serves as a support unit for monitoring security operators in a wide range of application domains, providing 24/7 service to alleviate their workloads and reduce errors caused by fatigue and inattention. The monitoring software runs deep learning based algorithms on video streams coming from IP cameras monitoring a specific area, and the operator is notified in the event of specified alarms. Existing algorithms are, 

  • Fire Detection: Detection of flaming fire within the view of day light cameras (both indoor and outdoor) and marking fire in the image,
  • Loitering Detection: Detection of loitering persons with short-term (hourly or daily) re-identification,
  • Person Area Violation: Detection of human presence in a user-defined area within the video frame,
  • Vehicle Area Violation: Detection of vehicle presence in a user-defined area within the video frame,
  • Camera Tampering: Detection of attempting to block the camera view.

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